Chiropractic is a distinct health care profession predicated upon its unique philosophy, science, and art.  

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Field DC

     4 years or more after graduation

New Field DC (discounts apply)

     1st year after graduation

     2nd year after graduation

     3rd year after graduation

International DC (outside the US)

Lifetime Membership
     One-time payment to remain an ICA member for the rest of your life!

     Incl. admission to the Symposium on Natural Fitness,

     Pediatrics Convention and the Annual (international) Convention

Chiropractic Student
     One-time fee includes your entire time in school 

     plus your first year after graduation

Faculty DC 

Spouse or family member  

     DC Spouse (or family member) of an ICA member

Emeritus or Retired DC

Disabled DC

Lay Person/Patient

Affiliated Chiropractic Association


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