History of the Documentation of the Subluxation:  BJ Palmer, ahead of his time

with Dr. John Maltby

November 2nd (11am PT/ 2pm ET)

Does the Solution to Our Future Lie in Our Past? Join us to hear about the chiropractic revolution with new objective data.

  • ​​You will learn about various cutting-edge documentation techniques emerging from the scientific literature.
  • ​​Listen in to learn about requirements and new technology available to meet the needs of the patient’s care.

Dr. John Maltby is a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic and practices in Blythe, California. 

In a recent case pitted against the most expensive expert witness in the US, he successfully utilized the DynaROM technology to handily overcome this Physiatrist's expert opinion, obtaining one of the largest soft tissue settlements in the past 20 years. According to Dr. Maltby: "It was not my opinion that lead to the $750,000 settlement, but the DynaROM Data."  

Additionally, Dr. Maltby has also been a consultant to numerous chiropractors and companies for documentation and credentials protocols and practices. He provides expert witness testimony for doctors around the country requiring help with presenting the DynaROM data to attorneys, courts and juries.

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